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Relocating to Italy from the UK

THERE has been a big increase in recent years of people leaving the UK to live and work elsewhere in Europe.

Our continental neighbours have great appeal, i.e. fine weather, food, slower pace of life, etc. Italy is certainly one nation which can claim to have the best in food, art and culture, therefore relocating to Italy from the UK is a popular choice for many UK residents.

AS with all other EU nations, UK residents have the right to reside and earn a living in Italy. The typical tourist visa allows visitors to stay for 90 days, after which the stay can be extended via an extension granted by local police. Alternatively, visitors have been known to leave the country for 24 hours or and then returning for an extra 90 days.

Before doing anything else, get yourself from advice from The British Embassy in Rome at Via XX Settembre 80a I-00187. Tel: (39) 06 4220 0001 or 4220, plus extension number if known. Consular services at The Embassy will be available to you as a UK citizen when you move into your new Italian abode.

High on the list of matters you must get organised before relocating to Italy include:

* deciding what to do with your UK property, i.e. whether to sell, rent, get house sitters to keep on eye on it or maybe leave it unoccupied.

* making new financial arrangements with your banks, insurance companies, brokers, estate agents, etc.

* informing your local borough council of your change of address, so they can sort out your council tax payments.Don’t forget the electoral visitors. As a UK citizen, you may be entitled to an overseas or ex-pat or postal vote. and also deal with your electoral registration matters.

* Deal with your UK bills first: gas, phone, electric, etc. Utility companies will soon send out final bills.

* Inform your bank or building society about the move and don’t forget to leave your contact details.

* Ensure your post is redirected, but remember it can take several weeks to be processed.

* Deal with your children’s school (if applicable) and also inform the Local Education Authority of your plans to move your children to another country.

Upon arrival in Italy, don’t delay getting your new life set up. You and your family will be starting a new and facing big changes. You can help yourself and your loved ones by taking steps to get settled in by:

* remembering to register with the authorities and utility companies. Ensuring this is done promptly will help access local services, welfare payments, and get the lights on in your new home.

* open an account with an Italian bank, so you can get whatever form of income you have paid in.

If you want to stay in Italy for longer, or apply for Italian citizenship, please keep your British passport for when you might need to return to the UK for anything. All passports can serve as ID, and also help you gain access to official documentation and services.

Once all the above has been dealt with, you can crack open a bottle of red to celebrate your new life in Italy. Good Luck on relocating to Italy, as please always keep fox moving and storage in mind as your NO 1 removals company.