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Crate Hire

loading crates onto a fox moving van

Get the size of crate to suit your needs

When you move commercial premises you may need to arrange for the small items, such as desk contents and files, to be packed into purpose designed crates so that they can be safely transported. Many of our clients like to have these crates beforehand so that they can begin packing their effects and labelling their paperwork in advance.

Fox offers crate hire as a standalone service or as part of a commercial moving project. Our crates are clean, sealable, durable, stackable when full and nest when empty. If you need help estimating how many or what size crates you will require then get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.

selection of crate sizes

Crate sizes

  • L1C Crate – Size – L: 400 x W: 300 x H: 306mm – Capacity – 25 litres
  • L2C Crate – Size – L: 600 x W: 400 x H: 368mm – Capacity – 64 litres
  • L3C Crate – Size – L: 710 x W: 460 x H: 368mm – Capacity – 80 litres
  • L6C Crate – Size – L: 1125 x W: 480 x H: 360mm – Capacity – 130 litres
  • IT3 Crate – Size – L:675 x W:575 x H:465mm – Capacity – 140 litres
  • IT6 Crate – Size – L: 675 x W: 575 x H: 615mm – Capacity – 165 litres

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