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Moving To America – A Guide

Fox Moving has been relocating people to America for decades but British expats have been moving to America for hundreds of years, all in search of the elusive American Dream. We have helped thousands of people attain this over the years by expertly arranging the removal and storage of their belongings when they embark on their exciting journey to the USA. Therefore over the years we have learnt everything there is to know about relocating to America and so we are best placed to compile a report about moving to the United States and the reasons why they do so.

Early British settlers often relocated to America in search of religious freedom or in search of wealth. Today there are around 700,000 British expats living very happily in America and around 6% of the British population would choose the USA as the place that they would like to relocate to. However the reasons why we would like to relocate to America have changed drastically since our fore fathers relocated here back in the 16th and 17th century. So what are the main reasons today why us Brits find the prospect of moving to America so appealing?

Moving to Work

Lots of American employers find the thought of employing British people very appealing and they do so in their thousands. However the process of employing a British employee in America is not an easy one and employers have to go to great lengths in order to secure British people a job placement out there. One of the greatest benefits of employing British people is that they already fluently speak the same language as they do, which is a bonus from the offset.

Moving to Study

American universities are some of the best in the world so it is hardly surprising why British students want to study here. Often you can be taking a course in the UK but some of the modules can be completed over the Pond, therefore the take up of American courses by British students is high. Plus the UK government has lifted the cap on tuition fees so the number of British students looking to study in the USA has increased greatly. In 2011 alone there were nearly 9,200 British students studying in various universities across America and you could easily become one of them. However if you are drawn to the concept of studying in America you will need to have saved a lot of money because studying over there does not come cheap, it is often very expensive compared to studying in the UK. Also British students will need to sit a formal SAT exam before they are accepted on any university course in the USA.

Moving Due To A Relationship

Lots of people from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean fall in love and end up with a huge choice to make if they want to be together on a more permanent basis. Often one will have to up sticks and emigrate to either the UK or to America. However in order to actually live in the USA permanently you are going to have to marry your partner because otherwise you will simply be treated as a tourist and will only be allowed to stay for up to three months at any one time.

To Travel

America is often the starting place of many gap year British students who are looking to head to Central or South America for their travels. Some stay a while whilst others simply use it as a stop gap before they jump on a plane to go further south. Often students have temporary work visas in place when they head to America and those that have spent a year here working feel that they have experienced what it is like to actually live here long term.

Moving to Retire

There are three different visa categories for those people of retirement age who wish to spend the rest of their days living in America. There is no such thing as a retirement visa over there so you will have to have one visa out of the three categories unless you have a child that was born in the USA who will be able to sponsor you. The three visas are known as the B2 visa, E2 visa, or investment visa and the EB5 Investment Visa or Green Card.

For A Better Life

Often British people relocate to America in order so that they can have a better life. You get a lot more for your money property wise in many USA states compared to the UK. However you will have to choose the area that you settle in wisely, obviously house prices in New York City are not going to be cheaper than they are in Birmingham or Manchester but if you are realistic about where you want to live then you can get a lot more square footage for your money in America than you can in the UK. For example a three bed semi detached house in Hull will cost you the same amount of money as a four bedroom house in Dallas that comprises of over 3,000 square foot.

Generally people relocate to America because they see it as the land of opportunity. Some find what they are looking for whilst others struggle if they have not got everything in place before they arrived, therefore it is imperative that you plan ahead. Fox Moving and Storage will take care of all of the shipping and transporting of your belongings to America and we can also help you with visa enquiries and customs documentation. However there are things that you will need to do once you get there:

Apply for your Social Security Number: You will need to do this as soon as it is possible and if you want to receive and income in the USA you will need a Tax File Number, known as a TFN.
Register for Private Health Insurance: Whilst it is better to have this in place before you leave it is surprising how many British expats actually sort this out once they are there.
Open Up An American Bank Account: In order to do this you will need to have obtained you social security number, which is why we say that you will need to apply for this as soon as possible.
Apply For Your Drivers Licence: If you intend to drive in America you will need to apply for a driver’s licence. You will need to apply to the state in which you will be living for this.
Moving to America can be an exciting time in your life, after all our fore fathers have been doing it for hundreds of years. The sign that greeted them at Ellis Island read ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your humbled masses yearning to breathe free’. This is what moving to America is all about, the chance to live a better life than the one that you had before. However it is a fact that unfortunately there are a lot more people who wish to relocate to America than actually get accepted. Around 1million people relocate to America every year, which is why the country’s population is increasing year on year. Most British expats relocate to America with large US companies and so they often experience high wages and great rewards but if for some reason your employment is terminated or you do not like your job there is little in the way of monetary assistance in America for British expats. The jobs market is extremely competitive in America, especially after the economic downturn, so unless you are relocating to America with a company, to study or to retire, ensure that your job placement is a secure one. If this is the case then Fox Moving can reassure you that your time spent in America will be a fascinating one for you and your family. If over 1million people are relocating to America every year then it must have something good to offer. We have found that past clients have thoroughly enjoyed their time there but planning is the key to any successful relocation and we are on hand to assist you with this from day one. For over forty years we have engaged in removals to all fifty states of America and so your relocation to America will be a breeze for Fox Moving and Storage.