Would You Buy A Haunted House? 32% of Homebuyers Would

Picture the scene: you move into a beautiful, old fashioned home, the price of which was surprisingly affordable given its size and age. Rumour has it that the previous occupants seemingly vanished into thin air, never to be seen nor heard of again. You can’t believe your luck as you move into your manor-sized house, unpack your possessions and proudly survey your new home. This house is perfect!

Perfect, that is, apart from the distant sound of dragging chains, the frightful, disembodied moans and an intermittent rasping noise coming from your bedroom wardrobe. Gulp! That’s right – this house is haunted!

For the superstitious among us who believe that their home is haunted, the good news is that a healthy 1 in 3 homebuyers will more than happily purchase your home and cohabit with a disembodied spectre. Of the 1,910 respondents who took part in the survey, which was conducted by Realtor.com, 32% would more than happily purchase a home purported to be haunted.

Of course, what one person constitutes as a without-any-shadow-of-a-doubt full-blown haunting, others merely shrug off and put down to old floorboards, a draft or simply eating too much cheese before bedtime. But it is these more sceptical homebuyers who are of course the key to selling a haunted home.

Whilst the findings certainly spell good news amongst sellers whom believe their home is haunted, the bad news is that a mere 15% of buyers would be willing to pay the full market value for it. And 19% would only buy the home at a 32-50% discount.

In the minority (perhaps unsurprisingly) were the 2% who would be prepared to pay more for the home simply for the joy of living in a haunted residence. Take from that what you will.

If you are moving into an allegedly haunted house, then you may be pleased to hear that Fox Moving & Storage have never come face to face with a ghost during our four decades of operations. Nevertheless, our fearless relocation experts are ready to brave the most haunted, fearsome home there is. Call us today… if you dare.