Why Using a Removals Company is the Right Move.

At Fox Moving & Storage we often hear horror stories from our clients who reveal that on the previous time they moved house they decided to do the whole thing themselves, to try and save some money. They hired a self-drive van, and went to their local supermarket to pick up the wholesale fruit and veg boxes that are always available free of charge.

Mirrors and pieces of artwork in frames were wrapped up in old sheets or blankets and ceramics and bone china wrapped in old newspaper. It was not surprising to hear then, once they had arrived at their new home, boxes had collapsed in transit, plates chipped, glasses smashed and the antique vase handed down through generations would now only be good for a mosaic project.

It was once our client had priced up the cost of the damage to their possessions that they realised that using a reputable removals company would have been just as cost effective in the long run, and far less stressful.

From the moment we are contacted we assign a dedicated removals agent to our potential client. The agent will make an appointment to visit the client in their home to discuss their removals needs and to advise on the best way to pack up their belongings, including what type of boxes and packing materials should be used for different items. Don’t worry about wondering where to locate these strong packing boxes – Fox Moving & Storage can supply our client’s with all the equipment you require. Once the client has accepted our competitive quote arrangements will be made for our removals team to come and load everything onto our vans.

We’ve been in the domestic and international removals industry for over 40 years so we know the best way in which to carry our client’s possessions safely and securely.

Once the items have been loaded our team will deliver them to the client’s new home and unload everything exactly where they want it. All that is left now is for the client to unpack and be happy in knowledge that their precious items have been delivered in the same condition as they were in at the previous property.

In the long run it really does make much more economic and emotional sense to use an experienced domestic and internationals removals company, such as Fox Moving & Storage.