The Miniature Home Movement Begins!

Timber garden buildingFox Moving & Storage have found that the latest innovation in affordable housing is a home which resembles your garden shed. Builder Mark Brown began making the homes when work became scarce for him and they come complete with your own kitchen, bathroom and living space. They are being heralded as the perfect solution to young buyers who are struggling to get on the property ladder.

The homes have special wheels so that they can be towed by car and are proving to be a hit in both Britain and the US. Prices for the homes start at £10,000 just for a basic shell whilst a fully fitted home commands an asking price of £18,000. UK-based Mark builds the homes in his Tiny House workshop and he tows the homes to the buyer’s desired location on the specially built wheels.

Although the homes look quite small they can actually sleep up to six people and have a shower, toilet and fully functioning kitchen. The homes are also very energy efficient as they are fully insulated.

Mark has been a builder for more than fifteen years but found that work started to dry up when the credit crunch took hold. It was then that he hit on the idea of building these miniature homes. He believes that they prove popular because people can live cheaply in them as they have very low outgoings. Also if you decide to move you simply take your home with you. He believes that with tender loving care the homes could last a lifetime.

He explained that the majority of interest for his Tiny Houses comes from the younger generation who are finding it increasingly hard to get themselves onto the property ladder. He feels that because they are cheap to run they allow the owner to save money towards a deposit for a ‘brick and mortar’ house in the future. He says that some people find them funny when they are being towed around but once someone looks inside they are taken aback by the space.

Fox Moving & Storage wonders if these Tiny Houses be the solution to the housing crisis in the UK?