Spanish Relocation Advice

As a member of the European Union, British citizens do not need to obtain a visa if they are considering moving to Spain. Many British citizens choose to relocate here for work; in particular for employment within the tourism industry on one of the Balearic or Canary Islands – Spain’s tourist industry is the second largest in the world. Even though some of the coastal resorts on the islands have been dubbed “Little England” due to the high amount of British ex pats residing there it is worthwhile to familiarise oneself with some basic information about the country, the people, local laws and customs.

There are five official languages in Spain; Spanish, Basque, Catalan/Valencian, Galician and Occitan. The capital city, Madrid, is located in the centre of the country and is the third largest city in Europe. The areas which draw the most British ex pats are the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Canary Islands which are located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Canary Islands are actually closer geographically to the African coast than they are to mainland Spain.

Spain has a large quantity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the second highest amount in the world, including all of the buildings designed by world famous architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, the Garajonay National Park on the Canary Islands and the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña in Galicia.

Spanish culture is second to none – from its architecture, literature, art, music, cinema and food Spanish culture is appreciated on a worldwide scale. Sport in Spain is incredibly popular, in particular Tennis and Football – the country is home to two of the most popular football teams in the world, Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona.

While there are no visa requirement s for European Union citizens entering the country, if they are relocating to Spain for work they will need to acquire certain permits and identification cards. For more information on this, and how to arrange UK removals to Spain look at our Removals to Spain Information page.