Freight and Cargo Shipping to Australia

Fox Moving and Storage is the most recognised storage and removal company in the UK and further afield. We specialise in international removals, moving families and businesses to destinations across the globe. As a result we have built up fantastic relationships with a vast number of freight shipping companies around the world, which allows us to pass the savings made onto you the customer. We have acquired special discounted shipping rates, due to us being one of the largest domestic and commercial movers in the UK and so we can in turn offer you reduced shipping costs. This is essential when you are moving to Australia as your goods have such a long way to travel. The cost of international shipping primarily depends on two factors, the volume of goods that you are shipping and the distance that your goods are going to travel. In the case of shipping to Australia that is on average 9,440 miles. Therefore you need to rely on a company that can ensure that your goods will arrive safely and reliably to your new home in Australia. Shipping your belongings to Australia is an easy process with Fox Shipping because we take care of every aspect of the move for you, whatever you are taking with you.


Decide What You Are Shipping To Australia

If you are moving to Australia then your goods will need to be shipped in freight containers by sea, as this is the most cost effective and reliable method for the journey. Planning is key to the shipping process because your goods will take a few weeks to arrive whereas if they were shipped by air they would take between 1 to 3 days but this is simply not feasible when shipping a large volume of goods to Australia. International shipping to Australia can be relatively straight forward but you need to assess what you are taking with you in order to decide the size of container that you wish to use. Generally freight shipping containers come in 20ft size containers and 40ft size containers. A 20ft container typically holds the contents of a three bedroom family home but if you are taking the family car with you then you will need a 40ft container.
Most of the contents of your home can be shipped to Australia but you do have to take into account the local importation laws. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has a strict set of regulations about what you can import into Australia so that diseases and pests do not arrive with you!! If you do take certain items they can be seized and destroyed by AQIS so it is best to avoid shipping them to Australia altogether. Below we have listed the items that are forbidden to be shipped to Australia:

• Fridges, air conditioners and anything that contains CFC’s and HCFC’s
• Dairy products, unless they are coming from a country that is confirmed as not having had foot and mouth disease
• Seeds and Nuts, including pine cones that may be used for decorations
• Live plants, to include all bulbs and potted plants
• Uncanned meat products, to include dried and preserved meats

Items that need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before shipping to Australia are:

• Outdoor toys, such as swing sets and paddling pools
• Gardening equipment, such as tools, patio furniture and lawn mowers
• Shoes and footwear
• Products derived from bees, so any household candles etc…
• Sports equipment and sports clothing, such as golfing equipment or fishing equipment
• Camping equipment, to include tents, stoves and bedding
• Plant materials, such as dried flowers, wicker furniture and pot pourri

We understand that this list may seem exhaustive but these are the regulations in place in regards to shipping to Australia. However other items that are a necessity in Australia can be shipped over there relatively easily. We have listed the most common shipping requirements that we undertake regularly for our customers.

Shipping Your Car to Australia

Shipping your car to Australia is straight forward as long as you plan ahead. Thousands do it every year and we have built up vast knowledge in regards to shipping your car to Australia over the years. Many past customers have bought spare parts for their car before they move and put them in the car when it is being shipped. Often these are common spare parts, such as brake pads and discs because they are a lot more expensive to purchase in Australia then they are back in the UK.
Also ensure that your car has a thorough clean inside and out before you ship it because it needs to be spotless in order for AQIS to pass it. The thorough clean even includes behind the wheel arches and underneath the car because otherwise it will simply pose problems getting it cleared through customs in Australia.

There are a variety of car shipping options to Australia available to you from Fox Shipping.

1. Car & Household Goods Shipped Together: Combine your household effects and car in the same container at your home.
2. Only Your Car: Some clients use a container just for their car which arrives at their home for shipping.
3. Roll On Roll Off: Only selected ports offer this service and you will have to drive your car to the port yourself in the UK. Your car will then be driven onto the ship and secured ready for it to be shipped to Australia.

Whatever your preferred requirements are in regards to shipping your car to Australia you can be rest assured that Fox Moving and Storage will provide the best option for you.

Furniture Shipping to Australia

Fox Shipping has realised over the years that most of our clients want to take some of their home comforts with them when they are relocating to the other side of the world. Furniture is always a large expense and so if you are paying for a container to ship your things Australia then it is best to make room to accommodate your large household items.

If your sofa is very old and you have been contemplating buying new then now is perhaps the best time to do so because you will be waiting for a while for your items to arrive. However if there is nothing wrong with your items then ship them because often household items are more expensive in Australia than they are in the UK.
Remember you are not allowed to ship wicker, bamboo or other natural fibres to Australia, so if you have this type of furniture in your conservatory do not try and ship it. If you do you will find that your container arrives at your new home in Australia a lot lighter than it did when it left the UK. It will simply take up valuable room in your container and it will be seized at the destination port by customs.

Antique & Artwork Shipping

Shipping your antiques and artwork to Australia needs to be prepared thoroughly because there is a chance that they could get damaged in transit if they are not packed properly for shipping. Fox Moving & Storage offers strong boxes that can perfectly accommodate fragile items within your home for their journey ahead.
In terms of your antiques there may be some taxes to pay when they arrive in Australia. Generally antiques can be split into three groups:

Group 1: Antiques worth A$1,000 or less can be shipped duty free without any taxes. If they are shipped rather than being transported by air they will need to go through a SAC declaration.
Group 2: Any antiques worth A$1,000 or more will have to be declared at your destination port. There will probably be taxes that will need to be paid along with duty.
Group 3: Antiques that are 100 years old or more can be shipped to Australia duty free as long as you have a Certificate of Antiquity with you. The certificate has to be an original and approved by the correct authority.

Shipping Your Pets To Australia

You are allowed to take your family pet to Australia but there are strict conditions that have to be abided by. These are in place so that biosecurity risks can be managed effectively. If you are taking a blind dog with you to Australia then there are different conditions in place when shipping to Australia.
The UK is classed as a category 3 country by Australia whereby they approve the UK as a country free from rabies with well controlled animals. However you are still required to obtain a permit for your pet before they are eligible for import into Australia.

Boat Shipping

Some people think that shipping their boat to Australia is going to be an almighty task but it can be really straight forward if planned correctly. We recommend that you start planning around a month before the actual move. Start by obtaining accurate measurements of your boat so that we can quote you accordingly and once again ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned if it is going to be passed by the relevant authorities at your destination port.

Motorbike Shipping

You will be surprised how many motorbikes we ship to Australia on a weekly basis. The main reason that our customers decide to ship their motorbikes to Australia rather than buy one over there is the cost. Motorbikes are a lot more expensive in Australia than they are here in the UK so it makes sense for the owners to ship them rather than pay the prices over there.

The only restrictions are that your motorbike has to have been owned by you for over twelve months and that you plan to be a permanent resident there. You will also need to buy an import permit at a cost of $50 AUD.
However be rest assured that Fox Moving & Storage has shipped so many motorbikes to Australia for our past customers that we know everything that there is to know so you are in safe hands.

Having been in business for over forty years Fox Moving and Storage has acquired the knowledge to successfully complete shipments of goods belonging to families and businesses to destinations across the world. Australia is one of our most travelled routes so there is very little that we do not know about shipping to Australia and what it entails. Call us for a competitive free quotation and see what we can do for you in regards to freight shipping to Australia today.

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