“Ross Is Not Cool” David Schwimmer Is No Longer Friends With His New Neighbours!

Neighbours of the Friends actor David Schwimmer, who played Dr Ross Gellor in the huge American sitcom, are left disgruntled due to the major renovation that the star is carrying out to his New York townhouse. Some went as far as daubing “Ross Is Not Cool” in graffiti outside the property on boarding which has surrounding it for the past three years.

The under-construction home, in the trendy East Village area of the city, has been increasingly annoying residents due to the on-going refurbishment works which never seem to come to an end. The 9,000-sqft property is six storeys high and was bought by Schwimmer back in 2010 for a reported $4.1million.

The building was constructed in 1852 and was set to receive landmark status in 2012 but Schwimmer had the building demolished in September 2011 before it could be granted. The property site Curbed stated that a demolition permit was filed on 30th June 2011 stating that “demolition of front and rear facades, demolition of all floors roof structures, roof masonry walls to remain.”

What has angered the neighbours the most is that the initial filing back in 2009 only mentioned plans for a refurbishment of the entire building whilst adding a penthouse to the top floor of the structure. Now the actor has submitted plans for an elevator and roof terrace, which has not only angered his neighbours but also preservationists also. They feel that the actor has been underhand with his intentions for the building with some angrily scrawling messages to the actor on erected boards outside the property.

The townhouse was originally 7,750sqft and was one of the oldest residences on the block. Just two doors up from the building is the National Historic Landmark, the Community Synagogue.
So for the time being David Schwimmer is not “Friends” with his new neighbours unless he moves into the property quite soon and says goodbye to the workmen for good.