Relocating to Spain from the UK

relocating to Spain from the UK

With tempting offerings of Sun, sea and Sangria, Spain is a popular draw for UK residents seeking to make a new life. UK residents have the right to live and work in Spain (and any EU nation), but any overseas move, no matter how near it might seem, should be considered carefully. Moving abroad to either live, work or retire will mean big changes in your life. You will be leaving loved ones, even pets, behind in the UK. You will also have a lot of personal business to deal with, including tax, pensions, benefits, healthcare, etc.

Anyone entering Spain must have insurance to help cover any medical and repatriation costs.

First port of call for advice is The British Embassy in Spain at: Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259D, 28046 Madrid. Telephone: (+34) 917 146 400 Web:

Top of your list of things to deal with include:

*making a decision about your UK property, i.e. whether to sell, rent, employ house sitters to look after it or just leave it empty.
* finalising your financial affairs and dealings with banks, insurance companies, estate agents, etc.
* let your local council know about your change of address, they will need to sort out your council tax arrangements, and also for electoral registration matters. Advise them of your departure date and new contact details.
* Deal with your UK bills first: gas, phone, electric, etc. Utility companies will soon send out final bills.
* Inform your bank or building society about the move and don’t forget to leave your contact details.
* Get your post redirected in good time ñ it can take several weeks to come through.
* Deal with your children’s school (if applicable) and tell the Local Education Authority of your attention to move your children out of the school and to another country.

When you step off the plane in Spain, you and your family will be adapting to new circumstance, so donít getting settled in.

Ensure you register with your new local authorities, utility companies, etc.

Doing this without delay will help you you access local services and welfare.
Get in touch with the British Consulate by using this link – British Embassy in Madrid

The Consulate also gives you somewhere to go for advice should you experience any problems.

Open a bank account and arrange for your salary or pensions to be paid directly in.

If you’re planning a long term stay in Spain i.e. fully relocating to Spain, or even want to apply for Spanish citizenship, it would be sensible to hang onto your British passport in case you need to return to the UK for either a holiday or go back permanently.

Valid passports are handy for identification, and also helping you to be issued with the correct official documentation.
Once all the above is complete, you can at last relax and loook forward to your new life in Spain.