Relocating to Malta

Relocating to Malta From the UKMORE and more people are leaving the UK to live and work in other European nations such as Malta here are a few things to consider when relocating to Malta from the UK.

Some of our continental neighbours can have much appeal in terms of better weather, food, pace of life, etc. One such country is Malta, which has become a popular destination in recent year.

AS with other EU member states, UK residents have the right to reside and work in Malta, but like any overseas move, it is not a decision to make lightly. Moving abroad to live, work or retire is a major undertaking. You will be leaving family and friends behind, and there are many things to deal with such as tax, pensions, benefits, healthcare, etc.

The usual tourist visa allows you stay for 90 days, after which you can extend your stay with an extension granted by the police, or by leaving for a day or so and then re-entering the country for a further 90 days.

Before so much as packing a bag or buying a ticket, get in touch with Consular Services at The British High Commission in Malta, which serves as the diplomatic representation of the British Government on the island. The High Commission performs the same role as an Embassy, but is known as a High Commission due to both Malta and the UK being members of The Commonwealth. Consular services at The Commission will be available to you once you move in to work or settle.

The Commission can be contacted at Whitehall Mansions, Ta’ Xbiex Seafront, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1026, Tel: (356) 2323 0000

Top of your list of things to deal with before relocating to Malta will include:

* making a decision about your UK property, i.e. whether to sell, rent, employ house sitters to look after it or just leave it empty.

* dealing with your banks, insurance companies, estate agents, etc.

* letting your UK local council know about your move, for both council tax and electoral registration purposes.

* Let your utility companies and service providers know you’re leaving. They’d love to give goodbye presents in the form of final bills.

* Have your post redirected in plenty of time, but be warned it can take a few weeks to be processed.

* If you have children, let the local education authority and their school know.

Upon arrival in Malta, don’t delay getting your new life there set up:

* make sure you register with the appropriate authorities, which will help you gain access to local services and possibly welfare.

* get yourself connected with the Maltese utility companies and communication service providers, etc.

* open a bank account and get your salary or pensions paid straight in.

If you’re planning a long stay in Malta, or are thinking about applying for full citizenship, it would be wise to keep your British passport for when you need to visit to the UK. Full passports are good for identification, and to also help you obtain any official documentation you might need.

With the paperwork and leg work done, you can crack open a bottle to toast your new life in Malta.

Just remember these tips when relocating to Malta from the UK and you will have a pleasant time in doing so.