Relocating to New Zealand

relocating to New Zealand from UKEach year, many UK residents, drawn by stunning scenery and a promised better overall quality of life in New Zealand, up sticks and pack bags

for 12000 mile journey. The are many advantages of moving to New Zealand, it ís an English speaking country, bigger than the UK,

but with a smaller population than Scotland.

The historical connections between the UK and New Zealand offer a sort of try before you buy type option, as anyone with a full UK passport can

spend up to six months in New Zealand without a visa. Such visitors will, however, still need to show you can support themselves whilst there.

They are also required to make known their travel plans for when they leave New Zealand. Those seeking longer stays or residence have a variety of visas to choose from: – Skilled Migrant and Work to Residence visas –

Business migration visas –

Study and Student visas

Other New Zealand Visa options are: –

Tourist visas – Work permits – Family Migration visas

Before you begin a residence application, you must ensure you comply with the following conditions:

You and each member of your family coming must supply possess a complete medical and chest X-ray certificates from your Doctor.

All applicant aged over 16 must include with their application, a police certificate as proof of good character.

All applicants of 16 years of age and above must have high standards of written and spoken English, and also excellent reading skills.

These skills will be measured through testing by the International English Language Testing System.

IF leaving the UK permanently, you inform your local tax office to allow them to finalise your tax affairs and advise you if you are liable for further tax payments while you are resident in New Zealand. You never know, you might get a tax rebate. And don`t forget your UK pension arrangements either. Request a statement or forecast, and if it can be paid to you while you are living in New Zealand. You must also have original copies of birth certificate, marriage license, bank details, etc, along with a valid visa in your passport with at least two years remaining.

If your aim is to stay in New Zealand on a long term basis, or take up New Zealand Citizenship, it would be wise to also keep your British passport updated in case you ever have to return to the UK for either a holiday or to stay. Valid and up to date passports are always useful for identification purposes and helping you get appropriate official documentation which will help you build a secure life in New Zealand. Getting paperwork and dealing with bureaucracy can be somewhat time consuming, laborious, and tiresome but you only have to go through it once, so just grin and bear it.

Once you possess all the relevant documents and have set up all necessary official procedures, you will then be well on the road to becoming established in New Zealand.

If you are ready to start moving to New Zealand then visit out dedicated removals page.