Relocating to Mexico

A Concise Guide to Mexico

Mexico has become a hotspot in recent years for expats. As a result we have dealt with hundreds of removals all over the country. We help our clients throughout every leg of the journey and over the past few year we have seen certain questions crop up again and again. So we have written a concise guide of Mexico to answer those questions that might be burning in the back of your mind.

Also when moving you need to be prepared for what is waiting for you at over the other side. Here you will be able find out exactly what to expect when you step off that plane. You wouldn’t want any unforeseen surprises.

Cost of Living

Mexico_city-7Talking about the cost of living in Mexico is slightly complicated because it all depends on what part of the country you are situated. The variation in cost has a massive range but generally as an expat from the UK you are getting good value for money.

Compared to places like North America prices in Mexico are considerably lower. If you are looking to move to a rural part of the country then living cost will be inexpensive for this type of lifestyle.

However, it is your lifestyle that generally determines your living costs. If you are the type who enjoys the finer things in life, clearly you will have more expenses. For instance, when going out to a restaurant for a three-course meal it will cost you about £11 which in Mexican currency is 250 MXN. As you can see the exchange rate of the pound sterling is great. The largest part of your budget will probably go on housing but again it depends on what part of the country you are relocating.

Renting in Mexico City will approximately be £315 (7,000 MXN) a month and if you opt to move to a rural area the property costs become substantially cheaper.

A popular place for expats to rent who are retiring tends to be the coastal areas close to resort towns. In these locations foreigners can sustain a good lifestyle because getting on the property ladder has never been so affordable.

Working in Mexico

Certain professions are on the rise, and skilled expat professionals are always welcome. If you attempt to take the self-made expat route then popular routes have been to open a bar, a restaurant, or a B&B. However, it is important to be aware that there is going be a lot a competition in these areas, so be prepared for rivalry.

There are job gaps in Mexico within industries such as tourism, textiles, mining, iron and steel, food and beverages, chemicals and tobacco.

Teachers often find it easy to get work in Mexico especially if they can speak Spanish. With these partnershipsqualifications there are many avenues that you can apply for such as private tutoring, high schools, universities and language schools. Although remember to hand in your C.V. head of the new school year as that’s when they will be looking for staff. Guadalajara and Mexico City are where some teachers have been the most successful in their job search.

A good tip is to use recruitment agencies and contractors to find work because that is the route that a large Mexican businesses will take to find employees. As long as you have the relevant experience, this could be where a head-hunter will be able to help you find the more high salary jobs.

There are global recruitment agencies in Mexico such as, Manpower, Adecco, Online-based recruitment agencies operating in Mexico, OCC, CI Mexico, Empleos Maquila, and Job Search Resources. Although you may have to pay a fairly steep price for them, it’s worth it if you are going for the higher paid jobs.

Alternatively could take the traditional path of looking in the jobs section of local newspapers and don’t forget to look online as it is a great way to find job vacancies, especially if you aren’t in the country yet. For instance, Craigslist is recommended to take a look at especially for local part-time jobs.

Healthcare in Mexico

Of course, one of the priorities on your list is to check out the healthcare system. Well you can breathe a sigh of relief the healthcare in Mexico is actually way above average. Many of the doctors and dentists in Mexico have trained in the U.S. and return there for more training.

A first-class hospital is locate in all large and medium sized cities. However, it is not free, so it’s probably be a good idea to take out health insurance. Although saying that, like everything in Mexico healthcare is not overly expensive. For a doctor to visit the house it would cost you about £20 to £28 pounds (350 to 500 pesos), and a trip to the dentist for a routine clean will only set you back £18.50.

However, if you have a serious medical condition that requires special treatment then you might want to reconsider moving to Mexico as the stress of being seriously ill can be difficult in a foreign country.

School in Mexico

moving-abroad-checklist-international-schools-students-classroomEvery parent wants to make sure that their children are getting the best education possible. Let’s not kid yourselves about the fact that you are going to send them to private school in Mexico for this to be accomplished. It is the norm in Mexico for well-to-do parents to send their children to private schools because they have better teachers, a broader curriculum and smaller classes so your child will get more one-on-one attention. These schools tend to use both English and Spanish but put a larger importance on English, but without a shadow of a doubt your children will be bilingual before long.

In cities that have a population of 100,000 or more, there is a tenancy that there will be more choices to choose what school you want due to the high demand. The tuition prices are fairly reasonable, you will be looking monthly at £100 to £200 per person, but on top of that you will have to pay for school supplies and registration fees.

Before you decide on a private school, make sure you do you research because standards can vary. It is important that you take a look at the books they provide, the curriculum they teach and their methods of teaching. Take a look around the facilities and talk with the teachers. If you can visualise your child being happy at the school then you have probably found the right one.