Relocating to Greece

THE appeal of Greece is not hard to understand: warmer weather, stunning coastal scenery, plus a rich history and heritage stretching back to the very dawn of Western civilization.

All UK residents have the right to reside in Greece and other EU nations). As with any move overseas, this is not a decision to treat lightly.

Moving abroad to live, work or enjoy your retirement is a serious undertaking. You will be saying goodbye to your family and friends back in the UK.

Before you pack so much as a bag, you will have a lot of deal with first. there are many things to deal with: tax, pensions, benefits, healthcare, etc.


Start off by getting in touch with The British Consulate in Corfu at 18 Mantzarou Street, 491 00. Tel 0030 26610 30055 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0030 26610 30055 end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 23457 Website:

The Consulate also offers advice and help should you experience any problems. Way up on your list of matters to prioritise include:

• deciding what to do about your UK property, i.e. whether to sell, rent, employ house sitters to keep an eye on it or just leave it unnocupied. • concluding your financial matters, i.e, dealings with banks, insurance companies, estate agents, etc.

• making sure your local authority is aware of your change of address, so they can finalise your council tax, and don’t forgot the electoral register. Also, be sure to advise the authorities of your planned departure date and new contact details.

• dealing with your UK bills first: gas, phone, electric, etc. Utility companies will soon send you your final bills.

• inform your bank or building society about the move and don’t forget to leave your contact details with them.

• get your post redirected, which can take several weeks to come through.

• If you’re a parent, contact your children’s school and inform the local education authority of your intention to move your children out of the school and to another country.

When you step down off the plane in Greece, you and your family will be adapting to new circumstance, so don’t delay getting settled in.

• making sure you register with your new local authorities, utility companies, etc. Doing this will help you you access local services and welfare.

• open a new bank account to ensure you have somewhere to pay whatever form of income you have, i.e. salaries, pensions, etc, you have into.

If you’re planning a long term stay in Greece, or even want to apply for citizenship, it would be advisable not to lose sight of your British passport, just in case you need to pop back to the UK for to visit family, deal with business – or even go on holiday!

Your passport will always be useful for identification purposes, which in turn will helping you in your dealings with the Greek authorities and obtain the correct official documentation. Once all the above is done, you can then settle back to enjoy the beginning of your hopefully happy new life in Greece.