Moving to New Zealand

Moving to  New Zealand from the UKMOVING to a new home can quite an upheaval, even more so when the move is just about as far overseas as you can go –

New Zealand.As a country which has gained a high profile as a film and TV location, New Zealand, is an increasingly popular destination for emigrants.

The mountains, general scenery and lure of a fresh start in an unspoilt part of the world has great appeal, but, as ever, stop and get professional advice before making a final decision.

Many of the larger companies offer specialised overseas relocation services like us Fox Moving. Get more than one quote and take time to mull them over. To avoid hassle, anguish and upset, you must think about:

•Distinguish between what you want to take and what you need to take. Cold, hard shipping costs may well help you decide. Do you really need that old comfy chair?

•Packing requirements.

•Transport requirements, restrictions, loading, lifting, permits, etc. Look for removal firms offering free, no-obligation quotes.

Some offer a free international house moving survey, along with the services of a dedicated and professional International Moving Consultant who will call around to visit you to help you plan the move and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

When you reach a decision on emigrating to New Zealand and which removal firm is going to help you with move, get the ball rolling by contacting them as soon as possible. The success or in of an international move is all in the detail, so once you’re satisfied your chosen removal firm is fully aware of your moving requirements, you can accept the quote and arrange a date for the big move.

On the big day, a good firm will send trained packers to help you get everything ready for the move. All your possession and furniture will be professionally wrapped and packed for shipping to your new home in New Zealand, and be ready for you when you arrive.

As with most countries, New Zealand has strict regulations on what can be taken in. You must do your homework on all import restrictions and regulations. Don’t leave it chance or the last minute. In a nutshell, declare or beware.

Items not allowed into New Zealand include: food, certain electrical goods, vehicles, toys and some childrens’ clothes. Take care with book, music, film and interactive entertainment collections, etc, as some there are restrictions under the Films Videos and Publications Classification Act of 1993.

If you plan to domestic animals as pets, you must (before moving) contact The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry/Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) and Customs to find out what documents you need to take with you. When you arrive in New Zealand, you are required to get a biosecurity clearance for your pet from MAFBNZ, who will want to see the necessary documents. Some breeds of dog (American Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa and Brazilian Fila)are however, banned.

If you require more information and maybe are ready to take the plunge visit our removals to New Zealand page and let one of our advisor’s talk through the process.

Here at Fox Moving we offer a free home removal quote with no obligation.