Moving Home With The Great Snail Man

liuLiu Lingchao does not need Fox Moving & Storage’s help when he moves, he simply takes his home with him. Mr Liu, a travelling salesman, leaves for work in the morning and his home goes with him. Mr Liu hoists his home, made of bamboo, onto his shoulders and sets off for work selling recyclable bottles because he says it makes him “feel free”. The home is made of bamboo poles, sheets and plastic film and weighs about 60kg. Mr Liu then travels around Liuzhou in the Guangxi Province of China working. Mr Liu states, “I can move anywhere I want to go. It saves me a lot of money on the journey. It’s an easy decision”.


Mr Liu has been carrying his home on his back for the past five years and each of his homemade houses over a year before he has to make a new one. As a travelling salesman he knows that paying for accommodation would eat into the money he earns, so instead had the novel idea of taking his home with him whenever he set out on the road.


Many are describing his bamboo shed as the ultimate mobile home. Having lost his job five years ago and then evicted from his home Mr Liu then came up with the idea of moving his home with him wherever he went. He explains that he was fed up with getting caught in the rain so when working as a labourer for a few weeks before becoming a salesman he made a house out of bamboo to shelter in. “It seemed a shame to leave the home behind, so I modified it to allow me to carry it and since then I’ve never looked back” said Mr Liu. He is currently carrying around his third home after the previous two fell apart. He is well known in China as the Great Snail Man, walking twenty miles a day selling his recyclable bottles.


If Mr Liu does ever decide to move into a permanent house then Fox Moving & Storage will be happy to assist him in his move.