Imagine Moving Into A House Like This!

hoard houseFox Moving & Storage have discovered that two brothers bought a townhouse in London at auction, only to find the £450,000 house piled to the ceilings inside with rubbish after the previous couple hoarded everything inside for forty years.

Mehmet Koch bought the property with his brother Abbas without viewing it at auction and once he had the keys to the house in Finsbury Park he discovered the enormous piles of rubbish throughout every room.

The house has no running water, no electricity and no gas and the brothers could not believe that anyone could live in such a house in the 21st century. The house has ten rooms located over four floors but each room was filled with discarded furniture, old newspapers, clothes, books and children’s toys.

The couple who had lived there previously had become virtual recluses and had lived in the property since the 1960’s. Many people would blame the brothers for purchasing the property, with the intention to rent it out, without actually viewing it in the first place. However Mr Koch confirmed that he had in fact visited the property from the outside, which seemed fine, but could not go inside because the couple would not allow them entry. Apparently firefighters had informed Social Services a year ago about the condition of the property inside, as it was a fire hazard and a small blaze had broken out.

As a result the couple were moved to sheltered housing but the piles of rubbish were left behind for the new landlord to tackle. However the Koch brothers feel that the amount of time and effort needed to clear the ten rooms of the forty years of hoarding will dramatically cut into their profit margin. They had hoped to turn the property into flats, if their planning permission was approved by Islington Council, but first they have the almighty task of moving all of the waste from the house before any sort of work can begin on the house.