Expats Relocating to Ireland

Complete Guide to Ireland

irish0227_1_innerbigBritish expats have been relocating to Ireland for centuries but over the past fifteen years British expats flocked there as the country was experiencing great success in terms of economic prosperity. During these years Fox Moving and Storage relocated thousands of British expats to live in Ireland and enjoy the boom times there. However, we also helped a lot of these people relocate back to the UK too due to the economic crash, but more British expats remained in Ireland than a lot of people thought. It was during these times that we helped people with all of their storage needs and shipping requirements when relocating to Ireland or moving back to the UK. So we are in the perfect place to advise you about what life is going to be like for you if you are contemplating moving to Ireland in the near future. We hope that you find this concise report beneficial.

Recent Times

As mentioned above Ireland has gone through some huge changes in the past fifteen years. Initially Ireland was one of the great success stories of Europe with huge economic growth, a fantastic standard of living and amazing scenery to enjoy for those British expats who relocated there. In 2007 Ireland was at its peak, becoming one of the wealthiest countries in Europe and earning the nickname the “Celtic Tiger”. As a result Ireland became a hotspot for expats from all over the world but a lot of expats who relocated here were either from the UK or America.

However the good times were not to last and when the global recession hit, it hit Ireland harder than most. The Irish property bubble burst and total economic collapse followed. They tried to recover but the Euro Crisis was not helping matters. Ireland then faced years of austerity with many people losing everything that they had, including many British expats.

Now it seems that Ireland has turned a corner and many British expats weathered the storm and remained in Ireland throughout the bad times. Also some of the multinational companies stayed during these bad economic times, when they arrived during the good times they brought a huge amount of expats with them from places such as the USA. Things are starting to pick up again for many but even though it seems that Ireland has turned a corner, there is still a long way to go to get back to the good times.

Therefore for British expats wanting to relocate to Ireland in order to find work they may find the situation quite difficult. There is still a very competitive market in Ireland in terms of employment and the cost of living there is still very high. One such area is Dublin where the cost of living here is now on a par with New York and London.

Ireland On The Up

As mentioned Ireland is slowly recovering from being one of the worst hit countries in the Continent by the economic crash. However times are changing and Ireland has so much to offer British expats if they decide to move to Ireland. For a start Ireland is home to just 5 million people compared to 8.3million people who simply live in London alone. There are 254,000 British expats in Ireland however there are still 413,000 Irish people live here in the UK.

When British expats relocate to Ireland they are pleasantly surprised that the country offers British expats an excellent healthcare service and the public schools are also of a high standard. Often they choose the public schools over the expensive private or international schools there.

Ireland as a country has a lot to offer British expats due to its strong ties with many multinational companies and the job prospects that these companies can offer the British expat community.

Cead Mile Faite”…”One Hundred Thousand Welcomes”

dublinn-gate-irish-pubThe one thing that you will notice about Ireland and its people is that they are very welcoming, hence the phrase above. People are very sociable, after all this is the country where Guinness is made and where people love the craic. Pub culture is even more popular in Ireland than it is in the UK and the people here love to spend time socialising in the many pubs and bars that litter the country.

Irish people are both generous and hospitable and a warm welcome awaits all British expats when they move to Ireland. They need to be welcoming because around 12% of the population of Ireland are foreign born, around 544,000. Most of these people are from within the EU and ever since new countries joined the EU there are now more Polish people living in Ireland than there are Brits. In larger cities in Ireland there are also large groups of Latvians, Slovaks and Lithuanians. Dublin has the highest amount of foreign born residents, currently 15.5% in 2014. This proves that Dublin is the first port of call for many expats choosing to live in Ireland. So read below about everything you need to know if you are relocating to Dublin.


dublin_cnt_24nov09_iStock_bDuring the boom times Dublin was at the heart of the economic success of Ireland. However this all came crashing down in 2008 when the property market imploded. Today Dublin is somewhere between the height of the boom times and it’s lowest times of 2009. At its height Dublin was the corporate gateway of Europe and there are still many multinational companies here. The IT industry does well here, which is why there is a huge number of American and European expats within the city. Some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies either have their headquarters here or their manufacturing centres. In fact nearly half of the business service sectors in Ireland are employed by the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have secured a good job in Dublin then your standard of living can be high. However it will be harder for you if you are moving to Dublin and then intend on looking for work because the cost of living is high, property prices are sky high and overpriced and the jobs market is competitive. Not even the weather can lift your spirits because Ireland is renowned for its rain, however on the bright side you could always simply go to the pub! Dublin has some of the oldest pubs in the world, with the Brazen Head reportedly been in existence since 1198. Also James Joyce once commented “a good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub”.

Dublin is a fun place to live, as nearly half of the residents are 25 years of age and under. The city is 44.5square miles in size and it is twinned with Barcelona, Liverpool and San Jose in California.

Famous residents of Dublin are George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, U2, Sinead O’Connor and Colin Farrell.

You may be lucky enough to be going to Trinity College, the University of Dublin. Famous past students are Bran Stoker, of Dracula, Jonathan Swift and again Oscar Wilde.

You will always be able to have a drink of Guinness if you so wish in Dublin as there are 10 million pints of the stuff produced in the city every day.

Lots of people cycle in Dublin, perhaps this is down to the young age of many of its residents but a lot is also to do with the 120 miles of cycle tracks around the city and the 450 bikes that are on offer for public use. It takes just half an hour to get from one side of the city to the other on a bike.

The city also attracts its fair share of celebrities who have also fallen in love with the city’s charms, just recently Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen strolling in Phoenix Park in the city and anyone from Tom Cruise to Miley Cyrus have frequented the many bars and pubs within the city itself.

However Fox Moving and Storage have relocated British expats to destinations all across Ireland and not just to Dublin. Some of the most popular places within Ireland apart from the capital city are:

  • Belfast
  • Cork
  • County Londonderry
  • Kilkenny

If you are thinking of moving to anywhere in Ireland then Fox Moving and Storage should be your first port of call. We will take care of everything for you and ensure that all aspects of the move to Ireland go according to plan, from the shipping through to your storage needs. You will need a removals and storage firm that have completed these types of moves thousands of times before, so call us today because we are the company that you can trust.