Briton’s Are Moving Into Smaller Homes Every Year

House size examples by countrySoon Britain will become known as Battery-hen Britain if the developers have anything to do with it. Britons now live in the smallest homes in Western Europe due to developers squeezing as many houses as they possibly can onto developments; one-bedroom houses are now the same size as a London Tube carriage.

Reports suggest that cramped housing conditions are making people in the UK depressed and ill as the developers squeeze flats into less space to make more money. The average British house has shrunk from 85sq metres to just 76sq metres in thirty years. Homes in Europe are 15% bigger than ours whilst Scandinavian homes are 80% larger hence the phrase battery-hen Britain.

Experts say that this shrinking of homes is risking the health and family life of thousands who live in these types of homes. Developers seem hell bent on making as much money as they can from each development that they construct and so the result is a house with a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom can be crammed into just 46sq metres. Overall the average UK home is now 76 sq metres, which is 10% smaller than homes were just 30 years ago.

RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) have even claimed that this lack of space and light is causing marriage break-ups and holds children back in school. Natural light is needed for a healthy immune system and to prevent premature ageing and diabetes, so large windows are needed in homes.

There are no minimum standards for homebuilders in Britain and regulations state that a room only needs natural light from one window; this could be the size of an average cushion. Therefore developers are constructing dark, cramped and artificially lit environments. RIBA is now campaigning for this to change and for the Government to impose minimum standards on space and light.

Room numbers are also decreasing in Britain. The average house now has 4.8 rooms compared to 5.2 rooms thirty years ago. A survey shows that homeowners would like more space and more light and 75% of those people surveyed said that a lack of space was a key problem for them.

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