Australia- The Complete Guide

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Moving to Australia is always seen as a huge lifestyle choice, you are moving over 9, 400 miles to the other side of the world. However this is not a deterrent for the thousands and thousands of British people who relocate to Australia every year. Fox Moving and Storage has relocated thousands of British expats over to Australia, all drawn to an amazing way of life that this vast country has to offer. They are not daunted about having their belongings packed and shipped to the other side of the world because they are moving on to the next chapter in their lives and we are more than happy to play an important part in this process. The sheer numbers of people who require our outstanding international removals service to Australia speaks volumes about how happy British expats are living in Australia. Plus we put everyone at ease with our expertise and know how about settling into life down under and what it entails.

British expats make up the second largest group of settlers in Australia, just behind people from New Zealand. Between 2008 and 2009 13.6% of all of the new settlers in Australia were from the UK. So why do we love emigrating over there so much? This concise guide to moving to Australia will go some way in explaining why we fall in love with living in Australia so much and the quickest way to get settled there because Fox Moving has learnt a great deal over the past forty years when we have relocated thousands of people to Australia, so who better to compile the guide for you.

Australia is deemed as one of the top three destinations in the world to relocate to and it is hardly surprising to see why. It is very similar to Britain in many ways in that we share a very similar education system, we speak the same language and we share a history that goes back hundreds of years. Australia is popular as a destination to relocate to with skilled workers, students, migrants and investors alike, all drawn to the amazing weather and their outdoor way of life. The Australian work ethic is ‘work to live, not live to work’ and British expats are very happy with the decision they made in moving over there. Studies even confirm that British expats are completely happy with their decision to relocate to Australia. Within 18 months of moving to Australia reports confirm that 95% of skilled British workers have found employment and an incredible 94% are very happy with their way of life over there.

The People

Australian people are very friendly and British expats often speak of how they are accepted immediately and begin making new friends from the outset. This could be largely due to the fact that 31% of all Australians claim that they are from British descent with just 37% of the population calling themselves Australian. In the 2006 census over 5million residents of Australia were born outside of the country, that is 24% of the population, and 1,153,000 of these were British expats. Over 50% of the people of Australia have one parent who was not born in Australia so it is a very multicultural country.

Also the people of Australia like to settle in towns and cities, in fact it is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Because 91% of the population lives within urban areas, around 68% of these people either live in the south or eastern states of Australia. However recent trends have shown that western and northern areas are proving more and more popular as destinations for people to relocate to in Australia.

Getting There

Gone are the days when you simply had to jump on a boat and head for Australia, now things are a little trickier. However there are ways in which you can make the process a little easier for yourself.

Employer Sponsored Workers: The quickest way to get to Australia is to have a job offer in place and this will help you obtain permanent residency. All you have to do is keep the same job for two years, don’t get into any trouble and simply apply for residency. However this process will only work for those of you who are classed as skilled workers and your employer will also have to prove to the Australian government that no other Australian can do your job. There have been cases where people have secured very highly skilled jobs and have obtained a permanent visa almost immediately.

Professionals: Known as the General Skilled Migration Programme, it is open to those aged between 18 years of age and 50 years of age and you have to be able to speak good English.

Business People: This is available for those of you who again are aged between 18yrs and 50 yrs and will need to apply for a Business Skills Visa. You can only obtain one of these if you are beginning or investing in an Australian business. A franchise is an option but your business has to comply with certain requirements and you have to employ a certain number of Australians. However this can lead to you obtaining permanent residency.

Doctors and Nurses: Australia suffers from a shortage of both doctors and nurses and so as a result there are many incentives in place for those of you who qualify to move to Australia and get permanent residency.

Investor Retirement: British expats can retire to Australia providing you are over 55 years of age and have no dependent children with you. You will not be able to get permanent residency, instead you will be issued with a four year visa which is renewed each time, providing that you still meet the requirements every time.

Working Holiday Visa (WHV): You can also work in Australia temporarily under a working holiday visa, although obviously this is not a permanent visa. These visas allow you to work in Australia for a certain period of time to see if you like it, however you can only work for one employer for a maximum of six months. Again if you have a skill that is in demand here then this could lead to permanent residence because it could lead to an Employer Sponsored job offer. This approach gets you a permanent visa in small steps via a holiday visa and then a sponsored visa.

Getting Acclimatised

The Television: So once you have obtained your visa the next thing to do is get acclimatised with life in Australia. So lets start with the main thing that British expats state that they have to get used to when they first move to Oz and that is Australian TV. Lots say that it is so bad that sometimes they have contemplated leaving!! Seriously though Australians don’t pay much attention to the TV because they lead such an outdoor way of life, therefore channels are made up of mostly infomercials. Take for example Saturday night’s are not for sitting in front of the TV and watching X Factor, instead they will have a Barbie and a few beers with a few friends over chilling out on the patio. So it will take some getting used to but is less time in front of the TV really such a bad thing?

The Supermarket: Going to the supermarket is also very different to going to one in the UK, there are always queues and the food on offer is not great, also they don’t sell any alcohol. However before you despair this is mainly because independent stores thrive in Australia, such as butchers, vintners and grocers. There was no horse meat scandal over in Australia at all because most people know exactly where their meat comes from, sometimes it is literally down the road. That can only be a positive!

A Nation on the UP!

Australians are very positive people and it is easy to see why, after all we all want to relocate to Australia so they must be doing something right. They have fantastic tax incentives run by the government, such as ones for small businesses and sometimes the government will pay half of your childcare bill. The national psyche is always upbeat, unless they lose the Ashes of course. However Australians are just very upbeat and positive people, they love the outdoor lifestyle and they love socialising with friends and family. Yes it is hard to get permanent residency here but once you do obtain it you can enjoy a fantastic way of life. If 94% of British expats feel that they made the right choice you probably will too! It is a great new start for you and your family, leading a healthy lifestyle and a better standard of living all round.

Fox Moving can make this happen for you. We can relocate you to Australia quite easily, it may seem like an almighty task to you but to us it is simply another day at the office. We understand what a move to Australia needs, which is why so many British expats have enlisted our services in the past. From packing through to shipping through to unpacking your belongings over the other side of the world, we are there every step of the way with you. Over a million British expats have relocated to Australia in the past and surely they all can’t be wrong, can they?