Are You Cool Enough To Move Into These New Apartments?

nick houseFox Moving & Storage have learnt that a new apartment block being constructed in the West End of London consists of a roof deck for yoga, a subterranean party room and an in-house deli. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? But you can only move into this new apartment block if you are deemed cool enough by the owner. Nick House is the famous nightclub owner of the West End, owning such venues as Mahiki and Whiskey Mist frequented by both William and Harry, and intends on transforming the old Edwardian building located near Covent Garden.

The £10million development of apartments will be exclusively for the under 40’s and those residents lucky enough to buy one of the apartments will have been hand-picked to make sure that this development has the right mix of “fun, dynamic and social” blends of people.

Amazingly House has told the Evening Standard that he wants to create a “micro-society” for successful London people and so these apartments will create just that. He confirmed that he would be hand-picking the first few residents and hoped that the first residents would be a typical “partner in one of the top ad agencies or an early-thirties founder of a tech start-up”.

House said that he had been inspired by developments similar to this in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, USA. He hoped that this “democratic environment” in Grape Street would attract high profile residents like that one did.

The development of twelve flats would have a “patron” who will help to organise the residents hectic daily lives as well as featuring the roof deck, in-house cafe, underground party room and climbing wall.

The apartments will not have a huge luxury kitchen, which many new developments tend to have as a selling point, instead these apartments will have a “galley” kitchen because the intended owners will probably be high-flyers who will dine out most nights anyway so little space is needed for a “feature” kitchen.

The price-tag of one of these luxury one-bedroom apartments is expected to be around £800,000 but the development is being backed by Danny Kessler, chief executive of the financial services firm The Met Group, so they are expecting the apartments to be in demand.

Any resident moving into these new apartments can always call Fox Moving & Storage who will be happy to get them settles into their new home with ease.